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Wellis Hercules model, 5 seat lounger hot tub.

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

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This Wellis Hercules is a great 85" x 85" lounger spa, 36" deep.  The Wellis features are the best we've seen in over 3 decades of selling hot tubs.  The reasons for that are many so keep reading.

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More features, better workmanship, lower cost

Wellis spas are made in the EU and just like a Mercedes, BMW or Audi automobile, the attention to detail and the general overall quality and workmanship is far superior to many of the US made spas.  Some that we've sold in the past and some that we still do sell.  Even though it's built better these spas actually cost less than many comparable US made spas.  The reason for that is the fact that in the EU, they use robots for portions of their production.  Instead of subjecting humans to the nasty lamination process it's done to perfection every time by robots who don't get paid.


This Hercules has the super insulation package along with the super thick 6" tapered thermal cover.  It's a nice side lounger with buckets seats too.  Nice lower leg massage, nice compact size too and designed for super cold outdoor use.

The telescopic fountains are flat when not in use but rise up to reveal a nice calming water feature with LED lights.

These spas are designed to have nice deep seating.  You will be neck deep in the water. 


Dimensions 85 × 85 × 36 in
Seats 1 lounger, 5 nice bucket seats
Net weight/ Water volume 728 lbs/ 233 gallons
Frame Composite (no wood)
Cabinet UV treated, hard as a rock indestructible 
Shell construction Lucite acrylic finish w/Robotically applied polyurethane 
Insulation Triple layers of closed cell waterproof Polyfoam
  240V 60Hz 32A Use a 50 amp 240 v GFCI breaker
Control box Gecko (IN.YE-3)
Topside Control panel Programmable digital display 
Total number of jets 45 removable, flow adjustable, directional &  rotating
Heater 4kW
Pumps 1 × 2 HP single speed
1 × 2 HP double speed
Filtration 1 Antibacterial paper filter
Water sanitization Ozone
Fountain jets 2 lighted cupholder fountains 
LED lights 16 interior color changing LED lights
Sound system optional
Headrests 3 soft corner pillows 


Below are the features and standard equipment included on most models that make this spa so much better.  Better designed, more efficient, a better value, and more features and at a better price for all this stuff than any other spa you will find.

Great Jets and lots of them!

Wellis massage jets were designed to ensure an optimal hydro massage experience in any situation. Each jet type was carefully selected for the different pools to ensure hydro massages unique to each seat.
The massage jets can be opened and closed individually, which allows concentrating hydro massage more precisely, to the specific part of the body.

Ergonomically perfect seating!

The design of the seats and recliners in our hot tubs was preceded by a long planning process to manufacture products that are ergonomically perfect.
The shape of the seats matches body contours so that you can spend hours in the hot tub comfortably. The seats are designed with various jet sets and arrangements to meet different needs, so everyone can find a place ideal for him/her.
The massage seats in our Olympus hot tub are also present in our other hot tubs, in several variations. (The jet arrangement may vary for each hot tub.)

Very simple but powerful Wifi controls

Wellis Smart Touch control panel
Introducing our new multi-function color touch-screen hot tub control panel. Without buttons, keyboards, and covers, the new Wellis control panel is fun to use, and its menu system, easy to learn and understand, makes it a breeze for anyone to control the hot tub.
No buttons or keys!

Shell Construction

  1. The interior spa surface is glass smooth Acrylic with antimicrobial additives.
  2. Behind that is a layer of ABS polymer that increases impact resistance and adds strength.
  3. The third layer is robotically applied polyurethane that adds strength plus acoustic and thermal insulation. (no harmful gasses destroying the ozone layer)
Most hot tubs use fiberglass for structural integrity.  Wellis uses a rigid polyurethane that is sprayed on by a robot.  This is not foam, it's a super strong dense material with thermal properties and it does not mess with the environment as opposed to fiberglass technology – no harmful gases are generated.  The polyurethane layer conserves energy by holding heat in.  
The polyurethane also has excellent sound insulation properties and significantly reduces noise intensity through the tub wall.  The neighbors won’t be bothered if you feel like a hot soaking massage in the middle of the night.

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet of each Wellis spa is made using an indestructible polymer lumber.  No wood, no metal.  This material can not rot, rust, warp, or be bothered by insects.  It will outlast all of us.


Reinforced molded insulated ABS bottom

The molded ABS bottom completely seals up the spa and has a honeycomb construction that add a layer of trapped air.  This adds an insulating layer between the spa and the ground.  On the inside of this ABS base is another layer of insulating closed cell foam blanket.  The honeycomb air space is sealed up but for illustration purposes the photo shows a cutaway section.  

Crazy efficient perimeter closed cell foam insulation system.

 In almost all models there are 3 layers of a closed cell foam installed all the way around the spa inside the cabinet.  On the cabinet panels it's permanently attached.  It's a special closed cell material that traps air but will not absorb water and is very efficient.  This system keeps all the friction heat in, keeps all the motor sound in, and unlike "unserviceable" full foam insulated hot tubs it allows for full service access.  In a winter power outage this spa can sit for a week without freezing while a full foam spa will have frozen pipes within a day or so.

A Killer is on the loose!  UV sanitizer!

UV-C rays have long been used for the disinfection commercial pools since they are hypoallergenic and kill almost 100% of the viruses and bacteria found in water.

The UV-C system from Wellis revolutionizes the sanitizing of hot tub water.
It is lightweight, compact and very effective.  Extremely low power consumption, quiet, safe, and automatic operation, it treats the water in the hot tub several times a day and keeps it super clean and safe. 

Awesome built in Bluetooth Stereo system is standard

The watertight elements installed in the Wellis AquaSoul™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality.
Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection – e.g. a mobile phone, tablet or laptop – can be connected to the AquaSoul™ sound system.

AquaSoul™ PRO 2.1
- 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver (120W)
- Built-in subwoofer (100W)
- 2 built-in or POP-UP speakers (35W/pc)

Even Wifi is standard on most models!

Control your spa from anywhere in the world on your smartphone.  Just download the free app and you're ready to go.  This system also gives your dealer a direct diagnostic line into the internal systems of your spa so they can remotely troubleshoot if you ever have anything go wrong.  Hopefully that won't happen but if it does, what a great system!

LED color changing mood lights, lighted cup holders

Every model comes with great LED lights that light up the water, many of the controls, the water features, and you can choose the color.  If you want you can choose a color changing mode too where it will rotate through all the colors.  We also have a great upgrade to the Hollywood light package where all the jets light up too! Crazy...

Push button fragrance injector

Yes, this is not a typo.  Wellis has incorporated a chamber that you can fill with your favorite hot tub fragrance.  Anytime you want a little extra ambiance just press the button and a measured amount of fragrance is sucked into all the jets at the same time for a gentle explosion of your favorite fragrance.  We have nearly 100 fragrances to choose from.

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