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This is the Leisure Concepts "Full Service MSPR" program

Included in our full service MSRP program for almost all models is our 3 man delivery up to 50 miles from our store and everything below. 

We generally deliver weekday mornings arriving about 8:30 to 9:00 am depending on how far from our store you live.  We will get your spa in place and will work with you to rotate the spa for the best orientation. We take into account your view, any neighbors nearby, control orientation, cover lift direction and easy entry and exit based on your site.  The full service program also includes a cover lift and installation of that lift. ($499 value)  We will determine the best direction for your cover lift (if applicable) and install it for you at that time. On a square spa the cover lift can be mounted so it folds off to any side.  Whatever side that is will require about 18” of clearance to a wall, and about 3” on each side of the spa.  When open, the cover will stick up 1/4 of the spa’s diameter creating a wind break or privacy screen.  You would normally not want the cover lift to fold to the direction of your nice view but it can be used to block the neighbors view into your spa.  If your spa is a rectangle the cover can only be mounted one of two ways going off onto either of the shorter length ends.  You also get a matching hot tub entry step that fits right along side of your spa to make getting in and out a breeze. ($149.00 value)

While the cover lift is being installed we will train you on how to use and care for your spa.  We include everything you'll need, about $100.00 worth of supplies.  It's usually enough to last 6 months to a year depending in the spa.  It’s best for anyone who will be using the spa to be present during that training rather than one person being responsible for hot tub care. Be sure to schedule your electrician for AFTER the spa has been delivered so the wiring can be done in one trip saving you money!  The delivery, cover lift installation and training normally takes 45 to 90 minutes total.  When we leave and once the power is connected by your electrician, you will have the knowledge to fill, start up, and maintain you new spa. Printed documentation is also included.  To see the full details of the exact process start to finish click here!