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Payment and Cancellations

Due to the custom nature of our baths, we require full payment prior to any bath going into production.  Once payment is received and the order goes into production it cannot be cancelled for any reason.  Every bath is custom build after you order and pay for it.

If you do need to cancel an order it must be done before it goes into production.  For this reason make sure you are 100% certain of what you are ordering before you submit your payment. 

If you pay by credit card or paypal, please keep in mind that all of these companies take a fee from any amount that you pay.  The credit card companies will not refund that fee for any reason, even if the order is cancelled and we refund your payment.  

If you need to cancel an order before the production begins you will be refunded only 96.5% of the amount you originally paid.  If you choose to pay by check and you need to cancel an order before it goes into production, you will be refunded 100% of the original amount paid.

Any payment of any amount is subject to this 96.5% refund policy.  That includes  payments for chemicals, supplies, saunas, hot tubs, baths, any payment. Please understand this policy is due to the unfair and just plain mean practices of credit card companies and online payment systems. We are not keeping this 3.5% for ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please speak to one of our customer service people prior to making any payment and thank you for your understanding.