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Delivery Information

Please read this page before your tub arrives. This information is very important and if followed will prevent problems after you have your new tub in your possession.

     The freight company will call the number you provided us to make the delivery arrangements, normally one day prior to the delivery. Your tub will be delivered on a full size semi brought to the end of your driveway in the street. They will not pull into your driveway. If you are in a rural area with a really long driveway you should be prepared to meet the truck at the road and load the tub into a pickup truck or trailer to get it up your driveway to your home. Due to union rules the semi driver isn't required to help unload freight, but in most cases he will if needed.

     Most standard baths (150 to 250 lbs.) can be unloaded by hand and be carried by 2 people. Large tubs and walk in tubs are heavier and can weigh between 250 and 300 lbs. depending on the model. For the heavy tubs you should have at least 3 or more people there if possible. It's pretty simple to tip the box off the trailer and gently set it on the ground.

     A lift gate truck may be available at an extra cost to you of around $100.00, but we do not feel it is necessary or worth your extra money. If you are willing to spend the extra money to have the tub set on the ground you should discuss the cost and availability with the freight company when they call to set up the delivery. Those costs must be paid by you directly to the delivery person or by providing a credit card number to the freight company when they call you to set up the delivery time.

Before you sign the delivery slip open the box and inspect the tub for damage while the delivery driver is still there.

     Each tub is filled, tested, and inspected and leaves the factory in perfect condition. Your signature on the delivery slip means that you accept the tub in its current condition (even if is damaged) Do not sign the delivery slip until you are certain that the tub not damaged in any way.

     If there are minor scuffs or repairable damage, note it on the delivery slip and have the driver initial it. That will increase the chance that the freight company will reimburse you for any repair cost. If there is damage that you consider unacceptable and / or un-repairable, take a few good pictures of the damage, refuse the shipment and notify us immediately. A new tub will be put into production for you right away. A slight scuff, hole, or tear in the box may indicate that the box has been dropped or handled rough and the tub inside is broken or damaged. OPEN THE BOX, INSPECT THE TUB, MAKE NOTES ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT, GET PHOTOS AND REFUSE THE SHIPMENT IF NEEDED.

     Our manufacturers do a great job with the packaging, and damage is rare and unlikely, but freight carriers can and do make mistakes from time to time, so follow these instructions, and everything will be fine. Thanks again for your purchase.


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