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Ondillo ICO HOT TUB / spa water monitor FREE SHIPPING

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

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Hand crafted in France, this super durable, high quality device will measure and analyze your spa water every hour.  Using wifi it will tell you what if anything you need to add to your water sending it right to your cellphone. Talk about perfect hot tub water! 

There are no monthly fees, you own it!

The water data you'll get is sent directly to your Android or Apple device and is super accurate. The ICO monitors your sanitizer level, pH, water temperature, total dissolved solids or if you are using a salt system, it monitors your salt level for you.  The sanitizer is measured as ORP which means, oxidation reduction potential.  That's your waters ability to kill bacteria and destroy organic matter.  The ORP system works with chlorine, bromine, salt systems, or just about any other method used to sanitize water.  If you have the right amount of chlorine in your water, but your pH is too high, you can see how your ORP is dramatically reduced.  That's because sanitizers work at best efficiency in a neutral pH environment.

If you are currently using test strips or a dropper kit you will be amazed at what your pH and sanitizer levels are actually doing.  You can see exactly when someone has used your spa because the pH and sanitizer levels are affected.   If you add some pH down to lower your pH, you can look at the ICO right afterwards and see the effect of the amount of pH decreaser had on the water.   Was it the right amount?  You'll learn quickly. Check out the screenshot below.  You can see that I added a tablespoon of pH down at around 8:00 pm, you can see the pH go down.  Also notice that the ORP went way up.  That's because my pH was a little high and my sanitizer was less effective.  At the proper pH it became more effective.  You can also see when my smarterspa salt system turned itself on.  The ORP went up.

Personally, After using the ICO for just a week, the water in my spa is so perfect it actually feels better.  I love this thing!   Kerry (New Glarus WI)

Thanks to patented technology you get personalized recommendations adapted to your own environment, only if necessary.

Connected through WiFi to your network, ICO will send information directly to your smartphone 24/7, wherever you are.  Below is a screenshot of my own spa at home and as you can see everything is PERFECT!  Blue is perfect.  If those colors are green, some attention is needed, if they are red, you better get out there!  Not only is this great for keeping your water clean, safe, and making it more pleasant to use your hot tub but in addition, it's going to protect your equipment.  Your pumps, pump seals, heating element, jets, everything is affected by the quality of your water.  Upwards of 90% of mechanical problems that occur in hot tubs is directly caused by bad water management.  The ICO will totally solve that problem for you as long as you do what your told.

Elegant and compact, it just floats around in your spa.  You can slip it into the filter area when you're using the spa if you want but It's robust design is made to last.  It's resistant to UV, chlorine, and is generally very durable.

The ICO has solid sensors that are well protected by a rigid shell and has a battery that is rechargeable and long-lasting normally lasting at least 6 months before needing to be charged via a USB port.

Thanks to the Share function, share the data of your hot tub with your neighbors, family, friends… so that they can easily tend to your pool while you are away, coming over only if necessary.

Compatible with chlorine, bromine, or salt water chlorinators.

Quick and easy installation with our included quick start guide.


Warranty 2-year ICO and sensor warranty
Sensors 4 Plug & play sensors: temperature, pH, ORP/Redox (disinfection), TDS
Analyzed Data Temperature, pH, ORP/Redox (disinfection), TDS , Salt, weather
Communication Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (Bluetooth version 4.0 et following)
Battery 5v rechargeable (Micro-USB charger and UE power outlet included)
Application Application is compatible with iOS & Android (free download)
Eco-participation The indicated price include Eco participation
Waterproofness ICO is tested IP68

Please call 1-800-809-9111 for pricing

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