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100 Reasons to own a spa


1   Sound Sleep

Sitting in a hot tub raises the body temperature and enhances your ability to fall asleep. Evening soaks promote restful, uninterrupted slumber.

2   Overall Pleasure

Hot tubs offer an array of benefits: improved health, ample social opportunities and the chance for relationship-building.

3   Relief for Arthritis Aches and Stiffness

Warm, pulsating water increases blood supply to aching joints, which helps to remove inflammatory particles from the area and relieves pain.

4   Buoyant Exercising

Exercising in water is easier on the joints than exercising on land. Many hot tubs are deep enough to stand in, and almost all offer enough room for chair exercises.

5   Resounding Relaxation

A hot tub’s soothing waters decrease stress and help you unwind. Relaxation is at the top of the priority list for buyers who purchase a hot tub.

6   Magical Massages

Better than a masseuse, jets give the ultimate rubdown, whether you are in the mood for a gentle touch or a more forceful massage.

7   Stretching Out

The warm water in a hot tub decreases muscle tension, which allows greater flexibility. You can stretch better in the water.

8   Literary Launches

Writers will find that promising prose or poetry just pops into the mind. Leaning back in the hot tub seems to bring thoughts to the surface. No more writer’s block.

9   Review the Day

In this hubbub world, it often becomes hard to find time to share highlights of the day with your partner. A hot tub creates the perfect opportunity to talk.

10   Tall Tales from the Heart

Young people often shun listening to family elders discuss the good old days, but combining a little wisdom with bubbly warm water sets the scene for eager young listeners.

11   Family Gathering Place

Flip open the hot tub cover, start the jets and watch how everyone in the family tends to leave the television room or computer station and head for a soak. You don’t have to say anything; if you lead them, they will come.

12   Romantic Interludes

Hot tubs enjoy a long reputation for stirring sensual juices. Soaking sets the mood for love.

13   Take Yourself Out to a Ballgame

There is nothing like watching a favorite team hit a home run while soaking in the hot tub. Spas with built-in television sets bring the action to you.

14   Morning Refresher

Start the day with a refreshing soak while listening to the birds chirp and watching the sunrise. A cup of java and swirling water jetstarts the day.

15   Acquaint Kids with the Water

Many hot tub owners find it an ideal place to let youngsters become accustomed to the water and to gain an appreciation and respect for it, as long as an adult remains within an arm’s reach.

16   Post-Op Therapy

Once the wound heals, rehabilitation programs may include hydrotherapy to help patients get back on their feet faster.

17   Open Up the Sinuses

When feeling a little congested, the steam rising off the hot water can help to open up nasal passages. Inhaling warm, moist air has long been a home remedy for upper respiratory problems.

18   Soak Up the Stars

Watching your favorite celebrities on a wide plasma screen, while relaxing in warm water, doubles the pleasure. Some hot tubs come equipped with televisions, DVD players and surround sound systems.

19   Backyard Showcase

Turn on the fiber-optic lighting and fountains, and the hot tub becomes a centerpiece for backyard parties. Even if no one gets wet, its handsome appearance and soothing sounds become the center of attention.

20   Serious Summit

If something is bothering you and your mate, the warmth of the hot tub makes it easier to bring up touchy topics and resolve lingering issues. Conversation just flows.

21   A Gift to Treasure

Surprise your spouse with a hot tub decked out with all the amenities that will provide years of enjoyment. It makes a great anniversary gift to each other.

22   It’s in the Cards

Waterproof cards and backgammon games will keep youngsters’ minds busy, while mom and dad relax.

23   Row, Row, Row to Health

Hot tubs equipped with rowing machines allow for exhilarating aerobic workouts.

24   Tanning Made Easy

While sitting in the hot tub on a sunny day in both summer and winter, the sun not only warms and directly penetrates the skin, it also bounces off the water, increasing the potential for tanning.  Speaking of sunshine, if you live in an area that has winter and get itchy skin in winter even when using lotion to keep your skin moist, the cause is often due to a lack of sunshine (Vitamin D).  On a sunny day only your head and hands are available to absorb vitamin D from the sun.  Sitting in a hot tub on a nice sunny but cold day allows your torso to absorb that important vitamin D and helps to prevent that iching that seems to be for no reason. 

25   Float Away the Day

Some hot tub owners keep the water at a lower temperature in the summer so they can place a raft in the hot tub and float around while cooling off.

26   Hunker Down with a Good Book

Let the warm water relax you as you find a soothing, quiet place to catch up on your reading.

27   Slip Into Something More Comfortable

For optimum convenience and privacy, place your hot tub on the deck of the master bedroom. When ready for a soak, just slip out the door and into the warm embrace of the water.

28   Super Bowl Fever

The annual AFL vs. NFL competitions generate team spirit. Regardless of which team you are rooting for, watching the game in the hot tub is sure to boost the team spirit of both friends and family.

29   Snowy Day Retreat

When the snow starts falling, hot tub owners like to head outdoors to experience the unique hot and cold sensation of letting icy snowflakes hit their skin, while relaxing in the hot, bubbly water.

30   Adding Assets

While some hot tub owners choose to take their unit with them when they move, others find that it adds to their existing home’s value, especially if landscaping or other amenities enhance the backyard as well.

31   At Your Service

Today’s self-contained hot tubs maintain steady heat, always ready for you to step in and enjoy yourself. There is no more turning on the heater and waiting for warm water.

32   Avoid Health Club Hassles

No need to drive to a health club for a soothing soak when you have a safe, clean hot tub in the backyard. Leave the gym bag in the closet and enjoy the convenience.

33   Create Your Own Resort

You don’t have to travel to a posh resort when you can create the ambiance of a vacation—right in your own backyard.

34   Reward System

Treat yourself to a soak after a hard day at the office, completing a difficult class assignment or finishing the housework. Just knowing the hot tub is waiting will make the chore fly by.

35   Grandchildren’s Day

Invite the mix of grandkids for a sing-along and rub-a-dub-dub in the tub.

36   Easy Maintenance

Current hot tub models require very little maintenance. Textured shells and synthetic exterior cabinetry are designed to need little more than hosing off.

37   Galaxy Gazing

Watch the sky twinkle on a starry night. Pick out the Big Dipper, Orion and other constellations.

38   Banish Backaches

Specialized jets that move up and down the spine soothe inflamed tissue and relieve the pain.

39   Build a Friendship

Like a magnet, a hot tub draws friends and offers opportunities to get to know someone better. Invite your guest for a light meal, and then offer an impromptu soak.

40   Sensuous Skinny Dipping

With proper screening from nosey neighbors, slip out of restrictive garments and let your skin savor the sensual water.

41   Bird Watching

Sit in the hot tub with your family and try to identify all the species of birds that fly by or land in the garden. Keep a bird identification book or card handy for quick reference.

42   Post Workout Relief

Slide into the warm, soothing waters after working out at the gym or participating in an impromptu driveway basketball game.

43 Become the Perfect Valentine

Create a romantic night to remember for your sweetheart, rose petals, et al.

44   Party Central

Add a gazebo, bar surround and a built-in refrigerator, and turn a backyard hot tub into the spot for entertaining friends.

45   Cleaner and Safer

When you own the hot tub, you control the water quality. You don’t have to risk health problems by stepping into a public spa when you are assured safe water at home.

46   Less Mowing

By placing your hot tub in a prominent backyard spot and adding a gazebo and low-maintenance landscaping plants, you will cut down on backyard lawn care.

47   Heat Up to Cool Down

When arguing with a loved one, step back and spend time in the spa for a new perspective. The water’s calming properties will help you think more clearly and clear the air for peacemaking.

48   Celebrate in the Water

Whether it is a birthday bash or a holiday get-together, spending some time in a hot tub adds a special twist to a traditional celebration. Enjoy turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving or toast the New Year aqua-style.

49   Ahh—Aromatherapy

Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms, lavender or spring rain—you name it—while soaking in your hot tub. Aromatherapy enhances the spa experience by adding an olfactory dimension.

50   A Portable Choice

When it is time to relocate to a new home, just unplug and drain your portable hot tub, then have the movers pack it on the truck. When you arrive, fill the hot tub and let its restorative powers ease the strain of moving.

51   The Neighborhood Gang

Get to know your children’s friends by rolling out the hot tub welcome mat. It is always good to know that you can find your youngsters and their friends in your hot tub hangout.

52   Dramatic Designs

A variety of hot tub colors and styles, like onyx shells and cedar-style cabinetry, harmonize with a home’s architectural features.

53   Surround Yourself with Hydrotherapy

Sit in a therapy seat and feel the soothing massage of warm water from your neck to the tip of your toes. Hot tub owners rave about these special alcoves.

54   Easy Ingress and Egress

Today’s hot tubs offer features that make getting into, out of, and moving around in the spa, a lot easier. These include lower sidewalls, grab bars and cool-down seats.

55   Fabulous Fountain Show

Watch and listen as streams of water dance above your head or a sheet of water cascades into the hot tub. A marvelous variety of fountains enhance the spa experience by adding a visual and auditory dimension.

56   Soothe a Boo-Boo

Soaking with your child in the hot tub to soothe a recent bump or bruise is an instant cure, and it allows you to steal some quality bonding time.

57   Light Up the Night

Electronic LED and fiber-optic lighting enhance the visual appeal of sitting in a hot tub. Whether selecting a solid color or watching revolving rainbow hues, special lighting lets owners set the mood.

58   Power Plan

Better insulation and state-of-the-art heating systems help to keep operating costs to a minimum. It is a runaway winner in any dollars-per-minute-of-joy contest.

59   Make Magical Memories

Soaking with a special someone sets the scene for memory-making. You will easily recall the time that you witnessed a sunset, or the evening that a shooting star streaked across the sky.

60   Develop a Bonding Routine

Schedule a family soak. Everyone gathers in the hot tub and gets to talk about their day, world events or anything else that may crop up.

61   Make a Lifestyle Statement

Purchasing a hot tub lets family and visitors know that you have stepped up a notch on the social scene.

62   Pedal Pleasure

After a long day on your feet, nothing feels better than a foot massage. Special foot jets, available on many spas, know just how much pressure to exert to wash away pedaling pains.

63   Make Commuting Tolerable

While traffic hassles can rattle the calmest drivers, just knowing that a hot tub soak awaits you is sure to settle your nerves.

64   Beat the Wintertime Blues

There is no need to stay inside waiting for the cold weather to pass when the hot tub’s warm water and escaping warm air can keep you from becoming chilled.

65   Create a Serene Garden

Placing a hot tub in a quiet, peaceful garden produces synergistic benefits. Lush, attractive plants create a Garden of Eden effect.

66   Recover from Joint Injuries

The warm, swirling waters can speed recovery from minor injuries, and it can often be incorporated into.

67   Happy Hour

A hot tub, a cool beverage and some tasty hors d’oeuvres create the perfect happy hour without ever leaving the house.

68   Collar It

Tension seems to settle in the neck and shoulder region. Special jets surrounding the neck provide pulsating, rhythmic relief.

69   Spread the Good News

A hot tub is the perfect setting to share good news or to make an important family announcement.

70   Meditation Station

What better way to get in touch with your inner self than in warm, swirling water? Close your eyes, breathe easy and say Om.

71   Pop the Question

Designate the hot tub as the place for a memorable marriage proposal (she won’t refuse).

72   Spell It Out

Help your child prepare for a spelling test while surrounded in bubbling water. Both of you will be more relaxed and receptive to the task.

73   Water without Taxes

A hot tub enables you to add an aquatic retreat without increasing your taxes. As a portable aboveground unit, it does not add to your home’s taxable value.

74   Escape from Technostress

The endless ringing of the telephone, the background din of a television and online instant messaging can cause technostress. Let the enticing hot tub waters draw you away from the ceaseless onslaught of information.

75   Friday Night Buffet

Begin the weekend in the hot tub by munching on some finger sandwiches, discussing who-is-going-where-and-when this weekend.

76   Mental Meltdown

The swirling warm water helps to wash away your troubles, grudges and irritability. Use the hot tub as a form of emotional cleansing or to renew your spirit.

77   Commune with Nature

From your hot tub, listen to the daytime sounds of small animals. In the evening, watch for bobcats or be on the lookout for a family of deer.

78   Reach for a Towel Instead of a Pill

Many people with fibromyalgia and other painful conditions find that a soak in the hot tub decreases the need for pain medication, providing relief without side effects.

79   One for the Road

After an evening out with friends, top off the night with a soak. Invite everyone back to talk about the high points or laugh about things that did not turn out as well as expected.

80   Rekindle the Flame

When your relationship is in a lull and moods are not in sync, light a few candles and start the jets. It is just the spark you need to send your special someone right back into your arms.

81   Financial Planning

Seize a hot tub opportunity to review finances and ask family members to tighten their belts.

82   Meet the New (and Old) Neighbors

Once the folks living on your street hear you enjoying your new hot tub, they will want to stop by to chat—and hope for a soak.

83   Soften the Blow

Wrapped in the lap of hot tub luxury is the best place to deliver bad news.

84   The Great Escape

Placing the hot tub in a sunroom or in a gazebo allows the convenience of a home soak without having to worry about battling the elements or swatting the insects.

85   Relief for Headaches

Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves headache pain, especially pain from tension headaches. As the body relaxes, so do the muscles in the head.

86   Catalog Shopping

Gather all those catalogs that have been lying around, and browse to your heart’s content.

87   Tune Time

Whatever your taste in music, a state-of-the-art in-spa stereo system allows you to sing along with your favorite vocalists, surrounded with bubbling acoustics.

88   Keep in Touch

Write a daily card to your kids at summer camp, or send out those overdue thank you notes.

89   Reward the Babysitters

Like everyone else, sitters love an opportunity for a relaxing soak. If they have done a good job, invite them back for some spa time.

90   Warming Up

After a long day on the slopes or working outdoors, slipping into a hot tub will thaw that frozen-to-the-bone feeling.

91   Take a Mini-Vacation

Get away from it all, without ever leaving your property. Relaxing in a hot tub can make you feel that you have escaped to a private paradise.

92   Limber Up

Prepare for a tennis or golf game by warming up in the hot tub. Move your joints through their full range of motion and condition your muscles. You are bound to win the match or beat your handicap.

93   Select or Alternate Jet Flow

Today’s hot tubs allow each user to adjust the flow of water. One person can enjoy a gentle massage on the neck, while another receives a more vigorous back rubdown.

94   Make It a Date

Stepping out into the spa, rather than going to a club or to a theater, allows more time for conversation, and it doesn’t cost anything.

95   Splurge on Swimsuits

Stock up on those great-looking bikinis that you would never wear in public.

96   Teen Time

Get the teens out of their rooms and into the hot tub (either alone or with some friends).

97   Try Multitasking

Some folks enjoy talking on the telephone while receiving an aquatic massage; others use tub time to make their mental Things-To-Do list.

98   Reel in the Home Movies

Invite extended family members to watch home movies while sitting in the hot tub. Bring out popcorn and soft drinks to complete the evening’s entertainment.

99   Let the Games Begin

To set the scene for some unique playtime, fill the hot tub with lots of floating rubber duckies, balls, fishing games and snorkels for little ones.

100   Rx for Youth

Soaking in a hot tub makes you feel younger and totally alive, and you don’t even need a doctor’s prescription.

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