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Whirlpool Options

Standard Mood Light

      Our standard mood light consists of a clear lens that is installed in the sidewall of your tub. Behind the clear lens is a small 12 volt light. The white light shines through the clear lens and lights up the tub while it's full or empty. It makes a great night light too. The center portion of the lens can be removed with a special tool when the bulb needs to be changed. This light comes with a switch and a 12 volt transformer and is pre-wired with a standard 110 volt plug.

Chromatherapy Light

      The chromatherapy mood light consists of a clear lens that is installed in the sidewall of your tub. Behind the clear lens is a small printed circuit board with a cluster of light emitting diodes, LED's. The LED's shine through the clear lens and lights up the tub while it's full or empty. You can choose from any one of about 10 solid colors or you can choose a slow color changing pattern.

      It makes a great bathroom night light and LED's use almost nothing for electricity and they last for many thousands of hours. The center portion of the lens can be removed with a special tool in case the LED's ever need changing but that may never happen in our lifetime. This Chromatherapy light comes with a switch and a 12 volt transformer and is pre-wired with a standard 110 volt plug.

Waste and Overflow Kit (Drain and Overflow Kit

      Every bathtub, whirlpool, and air tub has a drain hole and an overflow hole drilled in them right from the factory. These holes are drilled in specific locations based on the tub model and to industry standard sizes. You will need to purchase a waste and overflow kit (aka Drain and overflow kit) to connect the tub drain system to your home plumbing system. Be sure to get one designed for the depth and style of the tub you are purchasing. We sell a very high quality drain kit that uses a cable running outside the pipes to lift and lower the drain. You simply turn the overflow cover a quarter turn to open or close the drain eliminating the need to reach down to the tub drain. If you buy a drain kit from us it will be the correct type. You would normally choose a finish that matches the finish (chrome, brushed nickel, etc) of the faucets you intend to use.

Tile Flange

      A tile flange is not needed for installations where you will be deck mounting your tub. A tile flange is something you might want to add to a rectangular tub when you intend to install it up against one, two, or three walls. You would specify what sides would be installed against the walls. The tile flange is a factory installed ABS or Aluminum strip that is attached to the outermost down turned edge of the tub and is completely sealed to the edge of the tub. The flange extends upward about 1" to 1.5" above the lip of the tub. You would install the tub against the wall with the tile flange right against the wall. Your cement board would be installed down the wall and right over the tile flange. Your tile would then be installed on the cement board and also run right down to within ¼" of the tub lip. That last ¼" gap should be filled with silicone rubber. When installed in this manner there is no chance that water will ever leak down the wall and behind the tub.

Inline Water Heater

      The bath heater upgrade consists of a 110 volt, 1500 watt electric heater. The heater comes completely installed in the plumbing system of the whirlpool and is prewired with its own power cord and plug. The heater has a built in pressure switch and is designed to turn itself on only when you have the whirlpool jet pump running. It also has a fixed thermostat set at 104 degrees. Any time the jet pump is running and the temperature of the water in your tub is below 104 degrees the heater will automatically turn itself on, raise the temperature to 104 then cycle on an off as needed to keep the temperature at 104 as long as you keep the jet pump running. The 1500 watt heater just plugs into its own 20 amp, 110 volt circuit. Please note, in addition to the pump circuit, a separate 20 amp circuit is needed when adding the heater. The inline heater is only available on whirlpool tubs because moving water is required for it to operate.

Whirlpool Jets

      Each whirlpool model includes a specified number of whirlpool jets installed in the sides of the tub. The number of jets varies with each model usually from 6 to 8 but for most models we sell you can add as many as you want in just about any locations you want. Water is forced through each jet by the whirlpool water pump. Each jet has a water line and an air line running to it. As the water is forced through the jet under pressure air is mixed with that water using the "venturi principal". The addition of this air makes the massage much stronger but also adds a softer feel to the water flow. With most of the jet styles the water flow to each jet can be increased or decreased just by turning the face of the jet. Each jet also has a directional eyeball that allows you to aim the water flow in any direction. Some models also include jets that automatically rotate giving you a nice moving massage. The standard jet color will be the same color as the tub you choose but can be upgraded to metal finishes like chrome, brass, brushed nickel, etc.


Air Tub or Aromatherapy Tub

      An air tub does not have any water jets installed on the sides as the whirlpool does. Instead there are normally 24 to 48 tiny air jets located on the floor of the tub. Each of these air jets has a built in check valve to prevent water from entering the air jet. When you activate your air jet system, a special air blower forces heated air into each of the air jets. This type of massage is more of a gentle, all over kind of jiggling as opposed to the direct pressure you get from a whirlpool bath. Some air tubs can be ordered with an aromatherapy chamber. You insert a solid fragrance packet into the aromatherapy chamber. The heated air is forced through fragrance packet picking up that fragrance and delivering it into the tub via the air. Our air systems include a special dry out program. A short time after you have finished using the tub and drained the water, our air pump will turn itself on for about 20 seconds. In the event that any water has made its way into the air system this 30 second dry out function will make sure it's blown back into the tub and goes down the drain. This keeps your plumbing clean and dry.

Therapy Whirlpool Upgrade

When you choose the therapy whirlpool upgrade you get the following items:

  • A more powerful pump that is variable speed is installed in place of the standard whirlpool pump.
  • The on/off air button is replaced with an electronic control with a digital readout of the temperature in your tub. This control operates the variable speed pump, (air blower if added) and the LED chromatherapy light.
  • A 1500 watt inline heater is added to the system.
  • A color changing LED chromatherapy light is included.
  • 6 rotating jets are installed in 2 stacks of 3 for a great back massage.

Ultra Therapy System

      The Ultra therapy upgrade includes everything listed in the Therapy Whirlpool upgrade and in addition you get a second set of 6 rotating jets installed in 2 stacks of 3, normally on the opposite end of the tub plus you get the original single speed pump added back into the system. You now have 2 pumps. Each pump powers one end of the tub in most cases.

Pump Location

      Generally speaking on any center drain tub model the standard pump location is on the right end as you walk up to the tub with the drain and overflow holes nearest to you. We can also mount the pump on the left end if needed. You need to provide access to these pumps. Think about what is on the adjacent wall at each end of the tub. If the end of the tub backs up to a wall that has a closet, bedroom, or hallway on the other side of that wall, that's normally a good place for an access panel so it's a good place for the pump to be located. If on the other hand that pump end backs up to an outside wall or a shower it would be a bad place to try and get access from. Look at your plan and let us know where the best place for the pump would be so you can get to it if ever needed.