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Production, Shipping, Receiving

How long does it take to get my bathtub?

      All of our bathtubs are custom built for each customer, unless otherwise noted. As a general rule of thumb, most tubs will leave the factory between 10-15 working days of processing your payment. For the quickest possible service, please make sure you leave us your phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours; that way if we need any additional information, it won't hold up your order. Once we have all the information we need and the payment is processed, we will begin the order. This process usually takes about 1 business day, so most orders will begin construction one business day after you place the order on our site. When the tub is completed and has passed a series of quality assurance tests, it will be packaged and loaded onto a freight truck and shipped to your specific shipping address. This can be either a residential or a commercial address, there is no additional charge for either. Please note, our tubs are manufactured in one of 3 different plants across the United States, so each plant has different production schedules and different freight times to different parts of the country. We generally allow 3-10 business days for freight time, once your order has shipped, depending on your proximity to the plant where your tub was shipped from.

I need my tub sooner. Is there anything you can do?

      Some of our manufacturers offer a Rush program that will shorten up the construction time considerably. For a detailed list of rush charges, please see below. Please note, Rush charges to not affect freight time. Freight time is an independent variable determined by the freight carrier and the delivery location.

Do you have [bathtub "X"] in stock? I need one yesterday.

      Since we carry nearly 300 models, all available in a multitude of colors, stocking most models is impractical. However, we occasionally have models that are in-stock and ready to ship immediately due to cancellations, etc. Unless you are flexible on the model, color, etc it might be best to use the Rush Program, but in some cases, we may have a model available right away.

      To inquire about possible models in stock, please send us an email at or call us at 1-800-809-9111.

Build Schedule and Rush information by brand


    All tubs are custom built-to-order, and it normally takes 10 business days to construct your custom bathtub. When your tub is complete and tested, it will be packaged and loaded onto a freight truck and delivered to your address. Freight time ranges from 2-7 business days in addition to the construction time. This means on a typical order your expected delivery date should be about 3 weeks.  Unforeseen circumstances can affect that schedule. The factory build time can vary during slow or busy times, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. If your delivery address is residential, your telephone number will be provided to the freight company and they will call you when your bathtub arrives at the local freight terminal and they will arrange a delivery date and time so you will have the opportunity to inspect the shipment before accepting.

Miami Series

      Standard build time is approximately 10 working days from the date the order was received. The factory is located in southern Florida, so freight times will vary according to your proximity to Florida.

      Southern states will usually see freight times vary from 2-4 days, 4-7 days for east coast and Midwest, and 7-10 days for west coast residents. If you elect to have your order Rush processed, the build time will decrease to approximately 3-5 business days instead of 8-10. Freight time will not change. Rush Processing is $149.

How do I install my new tub?

      We have created a bathub installation guide to help you install your new tub.