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Insulation Comparison

Full Foamed Hot Tub Insulation Vs. Perimeter Insulation System

Comparison Full Foamed Spas Perimeter Insulated
Health impact Foam contains Isocyanates, MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) These are highly reactive chemicals that can cause skin, eye, lung irritation, asthma, and more. Blue Max is made from natural recycled cotton fibers like blue jeans & is approved by U.S. Green Building Council with no health concerns.
Jet & pipe support Old style jets had horizontal pipes which all relied on foam to keep everything from moving and sagging. Vita uses cutting edge self supporting jets and individual pipes, one for each jet, that run vertically, no support needed and equal pressure to each jet.
Environmental Impact Foaming a spa produces as much as 50 lbs of volatile organic components (VOC) which is horrible for our environment and our planet. Blue Max is a recycled natural material that is eco-friendly and has a positive impact on our environment and is more efficient than full foaming.
Service Full foamed spas essentially eliminate the ability to repair a leak. Would you weld the hood shut on your car? Blue Max can easily be removed and replaced for a fast repair of anything.
Winter performance In a sub zero failure the water inside a full foamed spa will stay warm for a long time but the pumps, heater & pipes trapped in foam will freeze in as little as 24 hours. Cold air enters the equipment vents & freezes the pumps even sooner. All components are kept safe inside the Blue Max perimeter insulation. The heat from the main body of water will move into the airspace and protect all components from freezing for easily a week or more. Thick insulation + radiant reflective layer= maximum efficiency
Efficiency Full foamed spas have vents to throw away the 160 degree motor friction heat while letting cold air into the equipment area. That is a waste of energy and money. Perimeter insulation = no vents. 100% of friction heat is driven into the spa & no cold air is allowed in. This is the most efficient use of energy.
Sound Full foamed spas have vent holes in the equipment area to let heat and sound out! Vitaspas have no vent holes. Everything is inside the heavily insulated chamber and are super quiet!
Rodents Mice enter vent holes, chew up the foam for nesting, & stink up the place. Great place to live if you’re a rodent. No vent holes! Blue Max is treated with fire retardant, mold/mildew inhibitor, rodent repelling Borate.


Your home is insulated in the perimeter walls, not the interior walls. The metal case of a motor can easily reach 160 degrees when running. Why throw that heat out? 100% of the energy that goes into a Vitaspa is converted into heat and water motion, nothing is wasted. It is the most efficient system with the lowest operating cost and reason enough to buy the latest technology, perimeter insulation. When you factor in the winter freeze safety, full service access, super quiet operation and the lack of damage to our environment it’s only a matter of time before all spa manufacturers build spas this way.