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Custom built sauna Rough in suggestions

Leisure Concepts Madison WI General sauna rough in requirements

Refer to the actual installation manual for specific information.

 The rough-in ceiling height of any sauna should be 86” maximum. The ceiling joists should run the longest direction across the ceiling so the finished T&G ceiling boards will run the short direction.

 Sauna heater power needs to be run from the breaker to the sauna heater location in the sauna. Normally this power feed should enter the sauna near the floor at the spot where the heater will sit. The heater should be connected using some type of flexible conduit leaving 4 or 5 feet of wire to allow the heater to be moved and tipped for future service and re-rocking.  The wire size will be determined by the heater output and that is based on the room size.  All but tiny saunas will be 240 volts or in a commercial application 208 three phase is available too.

 Except for heaters with built in controls, a chase for the sauna heater control wires from the location of the sauna heater to the location of the sauna controls outside the sauna is a really good idea.  That will allow you to pull a new wire in the future if that ever became necessary.  In a commercial setting the controls are normally mounted in an area that is not accessible to club patrons / customers. In residential the control should be mounted at a comfortable viewing height, usually around 60” off the floor +/- depending on the height of the people that will be using the control.

 A Except for heaters with built in controls a chase for the temperature sensor should be installed from the heater control to a location that is no more than 3.5” from the ceiling. Different heaters have different requirements for this so please refer directly to the manual of the specific heater being used.

 LED under bench or behind backrest lights (when applicable) require a switched outlet that should be installed where it’s hidden under the upper bench and within reach of the LED plugs. Consult with actual drawing for exact placement.  LED technology changes rapidly so other low voltage wiring possibilities also exist.

 The standard sauna light needs a standard round light box mounted on a side wall, approximately 4” down from the ceiling, and about 8” away from the rear wall.  A rear wall location will put the light behind most of the sauna bathers which is a good placement for reading and not being right in your eyes.

 Frame for an air inlet at floor level directly below the heater, and for air outlet on the back wall, (opposite wall) with the top of the outlet opening at 23” off the floor, and in the center of the wall. Normally this should be a 4” x 6” opening. If the heater is near the door the gap below the door can normally serve as the air inlet.  Ideally your air outlet should be on the opposite wall from the air inlet but if that isn't possible the outlet can be located on the right wall or the left wall and if only the front wall is available for air put the outlet on the other side of the front wall from the air inlet.

 Rough in for the door in exact size and location shown on the room drawing. Jamb width should be determined in advance so the door jamb width can be made properly when the sauna kit is ordered.

 Blocking will be needed to support the weight of any wall mounted heaters. Refer to actual sauna drawing to determine that location.

 All walls and ceiling should be insulated with un-faced fiberglass batting.

 Saunas with vertical wall boards need to have 1” x 3” furring strips installed, starting tight to the ceiling and floor and 12” OC or ½” plywood can be installed on the interior after all rough in items are finished. The furring strips or plywood need to be considered prior to ordering to determine proper door jamb width.  The measurement needed to order a custom sauna interior is the final interior stud to stud or furring strip to furring strip dimension.  The factory will not adjust your interior dimensions in any way except to take into consideration the 5/8" thickness of the wall boards which is why you must install the wall boards in the correct order as determined by the factory.

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Refer to specific installation manuals for full details and please give us a call to speak to an expert.  We have installed hundreds of commercial and residential saunas over the last 35 years.  1-800-809-9111.