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Finnleo Hallmark 4' x 4' Finnish Sauna Bluetooth stereo & WIFI 120 volt 2 seat

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

Finnleo Hallmark 4' x 4' Finnish Sauna Bluetooth stereo & WIFI 120 volt 2 seat

This is the best portable sauna anywhere!

We have a few in stock now, ready for immediate delivery.  Call us at 800-809-9111 weekdays 10-6 and weekends 10-3 central time.

Finnleo's 2023 Hallmark Series makes owning a personal oasis at home easier than ever. Easy to assemble in 1 to 3 hours depending on the size yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas, Hallmark put the opportunity for a daily chance to relax and recharge within reach of everyone.  Check out the awesome color changing backrest lighting!  Nice....   

Hallmark is attractive in more ways than one

To the eye, top quality clear Canadian Hemlock inside and out reflects golden light in a warm, comforting glow. The exterior is protected with a biodegradable finish for a luxurious look and ease in maintenance. LED backrest color changing lighting provides color therapy or Chromatherapy plus all Hallmark saunas come with a built in Bluetooth music system.

Even though you wouldn't know it by looking at it,  Hallmark is well-known as one of the best values in traditional saunas. And its clever hook and pin panel designer means Hallmark is easily assembled in less than an hour for a small model and about 3 hours for the largest, 5 x 7 model.

Setup is simple 

You set the one piece floor into your desired level location.  Next you set one of the back wall sections into the channel on the base then set a sidewall panel in the side channel to form a corner.  You simply lean the panels slightly and the pin hooks into the hook and secures the corner.  You continue setting back panels and both side panels in place.  Before installing the front panel now is a good time to set the pre-built benches in place, get the plugs all plugged together and screw the lighted backrest onto the back and side walls.  They too just plug in!  Once you have most of the interior in place you set the front wood panel in the front channel and carefully set the glass door panel into the groove.  Next the one piece roof goes on and just sets in place.  The wiring comes out of the top of the walls and enters into openings in the ceiling panel.  From the top you just plug everything together, bring in your 240 volt power and you are ready to start enjoying your new sauna.

Another great advantage of buying from Leisure Concepts

as opposed to ordering something cheaper from a far away place is that these are shipping from Cokato MN.  Yes tech support and parts are right here in the midwest so if you ever have a problem or need a part, help, advice, we are here every day to take care of whatever might be needed.  It's nearly impossible to get service or parts from a low cost internet only direct from China sauna manufacturer. 

What's so great about this traditional Finnish sauna? 

These saunas come with a nice high output heater that's filled with imported rocks. The 44 model just plugs into a 120 volt outlet, the larger models are 240 volts.  The heater heats the rocks and the rocks heat the room so you get a nice soft even heat and normally are ready to get started in 15 or 20 minutes.  The best part is that this heater is designed to have water ladled onto the hot rocks.  You get the most amazing moist hot rush coming over your entire body and adding water every 5 minutes or so also really gets you sweating.  This (in my opinion) is what makes the traditional sauna more enjoyable to use than an infrared.  Don't get me wrong, our IR saunas are also awesome for detoxifying and they may be ready to use a little faster because they are designed to heat human bodies, not the air but I personally love that moist hot blast.  I use a few drops of birch or pine oil in my one gallon water bucket to really get me relaxed.

The correct way to use a sauna

Most people do not use a sauna correctly and the result is that they don't get much benefit or enjoyment.  People that do understand the correct way get totally hooked.  The correct way is to take a shower and go into the hot sauna clean, use water on the rocks every 5 or 10 minutes to really get a sweat going.  Stay in the sauna and relax until you begin to feel a little uncomfortable.  You'll know. At that point exit the sauna, rinse off in a cool shower, sit down somewhere outside the sauna and cool down for approximately the same time that you were just in the sauna.  That allows your body core to cool down.  Repeat this at least two more times, three if you have the time.  You will be amazed what it feels like to have purged so much bad stuff from your body.  It's almost like you're high on something.  It's a great invigorating feeling.

Everything you need is included

Hallmark saunas come complete with a built-in floor with vinyl surface, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The sauna is powered by stainless steel Finnleo Designer wet/dry sauna heaters, featuring the dependable climate-creating efficiency you'd expect of a Finnleo. Your comfort is easy to adjust using the intuitive Sauna Pure glass digital controls.

What's included with this 4' x 4' model?

  • Clear Canadian Hemlock interior and exterior
  • New door handle design
  • Exterior finished with biodegradable wood treatment for luxurious look and for ease in maintenance
  • Built in Bluetooth sound system
  • Optional WIFI available (ask about our Free WIFI promotion)
  • 2 benches, one upper and one movable lower bench.
  • Elegant LED color changing backrest lighting
  • Built-in floor with waterproof vinyl surface
  • Simple hook & pin panel design; easily installs in less than an hour for a small model and about 3 hours for the largest models
  • Stainless steel 1700 watt, 120 volt Designer wet/dry sauna heater
  • Sauna Pure black glass Digital Controls
  • All Hallmark saunas are 80" high

Call us today and ask about special discounts and free WIFI to get your sauna preheating before you get home!

Call today and ask about specials.  We can get one going for you right over the phone.  1-800-809-9111.  We're available weekdays 10-6 and Saturdays 10-3 central time.  March through November we're even available on Sundays 10-3. Delivery to your garage is free up to 50 miles of Madison Wisconsin.  Set up is available for an additional 10%. 

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