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Feeling 4 passenger rotationally molded spa

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

  • $5,999.00
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Feeling 4 passenger rotationally molded spa

From our Canadian friends comes the Feeling!

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You'll be "Feeling" it in this awesome 4 passenger hot tub.  You can take it home and just plug it into a 120 volt outlet or you can convert it to 240 volts and it can keep up with just about any sub zero hot tub party.  When used at 120 volts, the heater will have a 1000 watt output and will heat whenever the pump is in low speed.  This is fine for summer months and warm climates. 

120 Volt to 240 Volt Convertible 

If you convert it to 240, your heater output will jump to 4000 watts and it will heat with the pump on low speed or high speed.  This 240 hookup is ideal for winter months and / or cold climates.  You can sit out in almost any weather and the heater will cycle on and off as needed to keep the water at a nice 104 degrees if you like.  Most models are also available in a 240 only version where you get a higher output pump that runs at 240 volts.  If you upgrade for a small additional fee, you will no longer be able to plug the spa into a 120 volt outlet and it does not include a cord.

Very economical to buy but still reliable and super high quality

Because of the super efficient manufacturing process, rotationally molding, this spa is also very economical to buy.  Unlike acrylic spas that require lots of labor to hand roll fiberglass matting, spray fiberglass resin, a day or more of curing, etc, this spa goes from start to ready for plumbing in just a few hours with much less labor needed.  The polyethylene material is also crazy durable.  You can hit this stuff with a hammer and it won't even notice.  

100% serviceable

As with any appliance, you will eventually need repairs. 100% access to your equipment and your plumbing is critical if your repair costs are going to be reasonable. This spa was engineered with serviceability in mind. Your spa has access panels and/or ports so you can easily get to your components and plumbing and all insulation used is removable and reusable. Expensive repair bills will not be an issue.

A “true” Cash & Carry portable spa with Hand recesses

To facilitate transport or travel from home to the cottage, we have integrated carrying handles in the Stream mold on each side of the spa.

This way, the spa is easily transportable by two people.

Due to the ingenious manufacturing process, this spa is light enough to be lifted by 2-4 people and it can be transported on a small trailer or in the back of a full sized pick-up truck. Goodbye delivery fees. It also includes a short “Quick Start-Up Guide” that makes placing it, filling it and plugging it in as easy as 1-2-3. Goodbye set up fees. And remember, you have full factory support.

All Season Insulation

This spa is extremely well insulated with Thermofoil covering the inner cabinet walls, floor to top rail. Thermofoil is reflective and it creates a heat curtain, trapping heat underneath the spa. Your plumbing stays warm and cozy, and your water stays hot. If you need to do a repair, the insulation can be pulled back for access and it is easily put back in place. A 240 V connection is recommended for optimal heating performance.

Ambience lighting

To enhance your spa experience, a multicolored LED main light and a backlit waterfall is standard equipment. The lights can be set to stay at one color, or you can enjoy one of many different color change patterns. And to add to the ambience and illuminate your surroundings at night, check out the LED sconce lighting on each external corner of the spa!  Nice..

Available in Dark charcoal that blends in with all surroundings but it truly stands out in a blue/grey environment

Easy-access drain valve

Every 6 months you will want to drain the water from your spa and replace it with fresh water. This is an easy deal.  Just connect your garden hose to the external valve and then let the water flow.

L.E.D.-illuminated exterior sides

This spa is equipped with color-changing L.E.D. exterior lights. These lights will illuminate your spa and its surrounding areas to create a peaceful oasis conducive to relaxation. You have access to a selection of colors and rhythms that will meet your needs.

Easy electronic controls

 Built in handles for easy moving into place!

The Feeling has 24 adjustable stainless steel jets.

Innovaflow heating efficiency

These spas are also equipped with Innovaflow to help you save money. Innovaflow is an inline plumbing configuration that weighs in on an old and proven principle: when you create friction, you also create heat. Innovaflow creates friction in the water lines which generates heat and helps to reduce the cost of operating your conventional heater. And saving money is always good.  

No hassle installation

• No site preparation.
• Sits on any solid, level and uniformly supported surface.
• Saving money is always good

Our spas are freestanding and made of one solid piece (monocoque). This explains why you don’t have any complicated preparation to do before installation.

Plug & play

All of our 120 volt spas are Plug & Play. Plug & Play spas are equipped with a 120V GFCI-protected electrical power cord for immediate and simple connection to your power source. The cord is 15’ long and ready for you to plug it in. No electrician required.  Extension cords are strongly discouraged and may cause permanent damage  to the system due to a voltage drop.

Polyethylene construction

This is a one-piece, rotationally-molded spa made from virgin polyethylene, and that’s a good thing. Did you know that garbage cans, portable toilets, the cones on combines, kayaks, canoes, RV tanks etc. are made from polyethylene for two major reasons: polyethylene will not hold bacteria and it is virtually indestructible? It won’t crack or chip in cold weather or get waterlogged. Your spa could last forever.

Recognized equipment & component manufacturers

Only the best plumbing components and electrical equipment are used, and made by the leaders in our industry. Names like Balboa, CMP, LX and Rising Dragon. These components are not only reliable, but they are readily available from multiple sources for service and replacement.  You will find these same components in spas that cost $20,000.00.

Ergonomically designed

4 versatile seats with an ergonomic designs.
The angle at the knee optimized for better comfort in the spa.
Seat backrest with a unique angle at each position allowing diversity and a massage unique to each seat.  Special feel it areas for manual massage.

“Cool seat” rest seats allowing you to sit higher and relax without massage. and the footwell nubs are great to massage your feet on too.

Waterfall serenity

If you enjoy the soothing sound of cascading water, then this will certainly add to your relaxation experience. It features an adjustable waterfall with the brilliance of LED backlighting. You can set the speed at which the water falls. You can choose your favorite light pattern and then just settle back and enjoy the serenity.  

Call us today for a price quote or more information.  800-809-9111 or 608-257-4200 or send us an email now!

Special purchase!  We've secured a special "high powered" 240 volt version of the Feeling for a limited time.  Super powerful 4 hp pump, huge 240 volt heater, thick outdoor thermal cover, this is the ultimate maximum massaging, maximum therapy, Wisconsin winter proof hot tub package. 

The package price for a limited time is just $5999.00 including local delivery, chemicals and supplies, and in home training.  

Please call 1-800-809-9111 for pricing

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