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Custom Built 5' x 7' Finnish sauna kit, complete interior package

Manufacturer: Call for current price, availability and lead time, 800-809-9111

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Custom Built 5' x 7' Finnish sauna kit, complete interior package

Please note, the photos below show several different configurations and interior packages that may be optional.  The actual custom cut package will be a standard but very complete and beautiful interior as laid out in the line drawing at the bottom of this page.  Give us a call and we can go over upgrade interiors and optional items if you want the ultimate.

Call for current price, availability and lead time, 800-809-9111

The special woods

Finnleo saunas are superior in many ways Finnleo uses Nordic White Spruce for the interior wood because it has no tannic acid. Although cedar is also available as an option, both cedar and redwood are loaded with tannic acid that acts as a preservative, making them ideal woods for use outdoors. In a sauna however, tannic acid causes the wood surfaces to become very hot to the touch, hot enough to burn your skin. Cedar and redwood also become very dark with age, and absorb odors. We highly recommend our Nordic White Spruce because it stays very light in color, it is very cool to the touch, and will not absorb odors.

We use African Abachi for the benches. Abachi is a very soft, white wood. It too has no tannic acid, so it stays cool, and is very soft and comfortable to sit on. The benches are assembled from the bottom with stainless steel screws. No metal is exposed. The two light woods look beautiful together!  Standard Abachi benches are smooth with no knots. The front has a beautiful rounded face. They come completely pre-built and are furniture grade quality.

The Finnleo electric sauna heaters are all stainless steel, triple wall construction to keep the exterior of the heater cool eliminating any possibility of an accidental burn. Finnleo heaters have the largest rock capacity of all heaters.  The designer B shown below with the proper output for the room size you choose is included in this package but other heaters are available.

The imported Peridotite rocks are very dense and fit in between the heating elements.

The direct rock to element contact causes the elements to heat the rocks, but the rocks actually heat the room. This system provides a very soft, even heat. Water can be used on the hot rocks for that “thermal blast” as often as desired. Every room includes a heater with the proper output for the room size. Below is an example of a Deco interior upgrade.

 Interior abachi door casing and corner and cove molding are also include. It’s a really complete package!  The bronze tint all glass door (left end) is standard but as you can see other doors are also available.  Just let us know, this is a "custom cut" sauna!

Anything is possible with a custom cut sauna from Leisure Concepts. Below is shown a very custom commercial sauna in Madison WI.

Finnleo Custom Cut Sauna packages include everything you need to finish the inside of a sauna. You provide the 2 x 4, or 2 x 6 studded 84” high room structure and insulate it with standard fiberglass batt insulation. Everything else for the inside is included. Materials for the outside and optional items, upgrades can be added to any custom cut package, or you can finish the exterior in any material you like.

Package includes a complete interior for a 5' x 7' sauna as shown in the drawing at the bottom of this page.  The sauna doesn't have the be exactly this size or shape, it's custom!  If you want larger the price will be slightly higher, smaller, less.  You can finish off that unused closet or corner of your lower level, we can do any shape and it doesn't cost extra.  The total cost is just based on the total materials needed.  Contact us for a free CAD drawing of your space and a free quote. 1-800-809-9111

Everything listed below is included in the standard package.

 Special perforated foil vapor barrier for walls and ceiling

 Pre-cut to exact lengths T&G Nordic white spruce for interior walls & ceiling

 Pre-built African Abachi benches fully assembled with stainless steel screws

 Pre-built African Abachi backrests for each top bench

 Pre-hung bronze tinted all glass door with wood handles and latch hardware

 Stainless steel Finnish sauna heater with imported rocks and controls

 Brushed chrome interior wall light designed for high temperatures

 African Abachi corner and cove molding for walls and ceiling trim

 African Abachi interior door casing

 Adjustable fresh air ventilator, two abachi vent grills 

 Abachi heater guard for extra beauty and safety 

 Sauna Bucket with long handled Ladle for a great blast of steam

 German made sauna thermometer

 African Abachi duck boards (floor boards) for the walk areas

 African Abachi headrests for top benches

 Installation instruction booklet with color photos

 Unlimited support before, during, and after installation @ 1-800-809-9111 


Please call 1-800-809-9111 for pricing

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