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Finnleo Northstar 4' x 4' Indoor sauna kit

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

  • $8,998.00

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI-44

With the NSI-44, a true Finnish sauna experience is possible in only 16 sq. ft. of floor space. The NSI-44 comes equipped with the same features as other NorthStar saunas, but with the 120-volt stainless steel “Junior” heater (1.7 kW or 2.2 kW/120V/with cord/plug) instead of a 240-volt heater.  You can control this sauna from anywhere using your smartphone and the Saunalogic 2 app.  The benefits of sauna bathing are intensified when you use it on a regular basis.  Having the ability to turn your sauna on from anywhere makes that much easier to achieve because you can turn the heater on as you're heading home from work.  By the time you get home, your sauna is nice and hot and ready to go!

Finnleo Northstar 44 indoor sauna

This kit comes with a one piece floor that you set onto a level surface they the wall panels just stand up on that floor panel.  You connect the corners together, set the roof on top, and fasten everything together with the included hardware.  The benches are pre-built as is the lighted backrest and almost everything just plugs together.  It's pretty simple!

Once assembles, just plug it into the closest dedicated outlet (20 amp for the 2200 watt version and 15 amp for the 1700 watt version) and you’re ready—no finishing work, no plumbing and no electrical. As with all NorthStar saunas, the NSI-44 includes a SaunaLogic2 control with worldwide mobile app.  If you have a dedicated 20 amp circuit you can use, get the 2200 watt version.  That slightly larger heater will heat your sauna approximately 23% faster than the 1700 watt, 15 amp heater.  Both heaters will get the room up to nearly 190 degrees but the 2200 watt heater will just get there faster. 


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