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LC Premier Facts

      We scour the world looking for exceptional whirlpool baths. Our Premier models made in 2 plants right here in the US are definitely exceptional. They cost just a little more but the small extra cost is well worth it.


The resin soaked honeycomb floor structure is so strong that instead of setting these tubs in a mortar bed like almost every other brand.


The adjustable leveling legs allow you to level the tub by adjusting the 4 legs then just glue them to the floor. That alone will save a couple of hundred dollars on the installation. This is all in addition to double-reinforced piping which keeps everything under the hood rigidy secure. Even the packaging is superior so these tubs have the best chance of arriving at your home in perfect condition. 


      Looking for a whirlpool? An airbath? A combination? No problem. Start out by picking one of the fantastic designs below and then select whether you're looking for a whirlpool package, an airbath package, or just looking for a soaker. Additionally for whirlpools you can choose between a Luxury package or upgrade to the Platinum package, details of which can be found on on this page.