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Deep Blue

Why do we call this Deep Blue?  Let me explain.  Every bathtub is required to have a drain hole at the bottom of the tub and an overflow hole at the top.  The overflow is required so that if you are filling your tub and you forget about it for some reason, it cannot overflow and ruin your home, as soon as the water reaches the overflow hole it begins going down the drain instead of filling all the way to the top then overflowing all over your floor.  Every other bathtub you see has the overflow hole drilled into the side of the tub about 6" down from the top so that becomes the deepest you can fill the tub, 6" down from the top. 
Enter DEEP BLUE.  Our Deep Blue line of tubs has a unique overflow that is actually mounted horizontally at the top edge of the tub in a slight depression.  That means you can fill our Deep Blue tubs right to the top instead of having to stop 6" down from the top and no water will end up on the floor.  Why would you want a typical shallow tub when you can enjoy a really deep soak in our Deep Blue models.