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Finnleo Northstar 5' x 7' Indoor sauna kit

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

  • $10,998.00

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI-57

The NSI-57, one of our most popular models, is amazingly roomy, yet only takes up 35 sq. ft. of floor space. With an L-shaped top bench, it comfortably seats four or five people and plenty of room for two to lie down.

Simply assemble, wire to a single 240V source (no additional 120V or other circuits needed), and you’re ready to enjoy your home sauna! As with all NorthStar saunas, the NSI-57 includes remote wifi control.

You can control this sauna from anywhere using your smartphone and the Saunalogic 2 app.  The benefits of sauna bathing are intensified when you use it on a regular basis.  Having the ability to turn your sauna on from anywhere makes that much easier to achieve because you can turn the heater on as you're heading home from work.  By the time you get home, your sauna is nice and hot and ready to go!

This kit comes with a wood floor frame that you assemble onto a level surface. The wall panels just stand up on that floor frame.  (Your existing floor is what will be inside your sauna.  Tile is best but any other hard surface works fine too.  I would not recommend carpet.)  You connect the corners together, set the roof on top, and fasten everything together with the included hardware.  The benches are pre-built as is the lighted backrest and almost everything just plugs together.  It's pretty simple!

Once assembled, you or your electrician can just run one 240 volt circuit right into the terminal strip inside the wiring box under the bench, connect the heater, and you’re ready—no finishing work, no plumbing, Boom!  As with all NorthStar saunas, the NSI-57 includes a SaunaLogic2 control with worldwide mobile app.  This sauna comes with a powerful 6000 watt heater and will easily get to nearly 190 degrees.  The heater is designed so that the imported rocks fit right down into the heat element chamber.  The rocks are in direct contract with the heating elements so that the elements actually heat the rocks and the rocks heat the room for a soft, even heat.  This heater is also designed to have water ladled onto the hot rocks.  That's how you get that fantastic blast of moist hot air.  The sweat just pours off of you with this extra stimulation.  So does the toxins, allergens, ammonias and other nasty stuff.  That's why you feel so good after using a sauna the correct way.  


  • Size: 5'x7' with height of 7'
  • Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior
  • Benches, backrests, and all surfaces that touch the bather: Clear Aspen or Abachi
  • Integral Backrest LED lighting (with RGBW color light therapy)
  • All-glass door, bronze tinted glass
  • Sidelite window, bronze tinted, insulated glass
  • Heater: 6.0 kW Viki heater 
  • Control: SaunaLogic2 with worldwide functionality mobile app
  • Rento Pisara Bucket and Ladle


  • Sound Bar System
  • Integral floor with waterproof surface

The correct way to use a sauna

Pre-heat the room (using your smartphone app).  Once the room is nice and hot, (I get started when it's about 130 degrees or so) enter the room preferably clean and wet if you want.  Use your included ladle to put a scoop or two of water on the rocks about every 5 or 10 minutes.  Stay in the sauna until you begin to feel a little uncomfortable.  Exit the sauna and go rinse off with cool water.  Stay out of the sauna and relax for approximately the same amount of time you were in the sauna for.  In winter, I like to go outside, stand in freezing rain or flop face first into a fresh snow pile if it's deep enough.  Once you've cooled down, go back into the sauna and repeat the process preferably 3 or more times if you have the time.  When you're finished, your skin will be cleaner that ever before and you will feel amazing.  In the evening sauna use will make you sleep like a little baby too.


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