Installation/Technical information

How do I install my tub?

All of our whirlpool tubs can be installed in at least one of three possible ways:
Below, we will explain how each of these three methods work, which tubs are applicable, and we will list tips and tricks for installing your tub for each one. This guide works for both Whirlpool Bath Tubs, and Air Bath Tubs.

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The Drop-In Method

      Every model we sell is a "drop in" style bathtub, meaning that you can install it by dropping it into deck built to fit around the tub. To install a drop in tub, you would need to construct a "deck" or frame for the tub to sit into. The rough opening for the deck should be 1" smaller than the tub dimensions all the way around. So a 42" x 72" rectangle would require a 40" x 70" hole.

     The first step is to build a platform or deck for your bathtub to drop into. This frame should have a rough opening approximately 1" smaller than the outside dimensions of the tub all the way around. The tub is to be completely supported by the sub floor and bedding, not the lip of the tub. Leave a 1/8" to 1/16" gap between the bottom edge of the tub lip and the top of the sub floor or tile surface to ensure that the lip is not weight bearing. Calk this edge with a 100% silicone, not latex silicone which doesn't keep its elasticity.

      Plan your access panel to be in the vicinity of the motor, and make sure the access panel is large enough to remove the pump. Access panels can be placed directly on your surround, or in another room and accessed from the back, if possible, to preserve the aesthetic of your platform.

      For a quieter operating whirlpool, we recommend insulating your platform or surround, and setting the tub in mortar. The mortar will also help hold the tub steadily in place throughout its lifetime.

      See the diagram to the right for instructions on how to attain a waterproof seal using the drop in installation method. This diagram depicts how to construct your drop in deck near a wall.

drop in bathtub install guide

The Alcove Method

      Most rectangular models can be alcove mounted. This means that you have walls on up to 3 sides of the tub, then you tile right down onto the tub. To achieve this, you can either purchase a tile flange kit from us that will come pre-installed, or you can use one of the other below methods. Looking to make a tub/shower combination? An Alcove installation is probably the way to go. Alcove installations allow for splashed water to fall back into the tub, and not sit on your decking around the tub.

      An alcove installation has walls on 3 sides of the tub. Most rectangular models can be installed in this fashion. Alcove bathtub installations are beneficial when you are tight on space and want to fit a nice whirlpool bathtub into a small area, or when you are replacing a previously existing bathtub/shower unit. Alcove installations are perfect for bath/shower combo setups. For recommendations or help choosing a bathtub to fit your own personal alcove installation, please call us at 1-800-809-9111.

      We offer a tile flange kit to make these types of installations easy. The ABS tile flange kit consists of a thick sheet of ABS plastic that is rivited to the vertical lip of the bathtub. This ABS sheet sticks up above the top edge of the tub and provides you a flat surface to lay tile over. Simply tack the ABS tile flange to your studs as shown in the diagram to the right, then run a thin bead of 100% silicone along the seam between the ABS tile flange and the edge of the tub. This will create a waterproof seal. We can install an ABS tile flange on any rectangular whirlpool models, and we can install it on any or all 3 sides of your tub, so you can do a full alcove install, or a 2 sided wall, or a single wall.

      Once you have the tile flange fastened to the studs, and the gap between the flange and the tub sealed, its time to install your cement board. The tile flange allows you to put your cement board right over the flange so its meets up with the edge of the top. Place a bead of a waterproof silicone sealant between the tub edge and the bottom of your cement board, and you're ready to tile! Tile right down to the tub, and you've just successfully completed an alcove install! Don't forget to use waterproof 100% silicone, not latex silicone, and use a waterproof grout on your tile.

      With any rectangular tubs or corner tubs, we offer a front skirt. We have a 1 piece skirt that can be mounted to be removable. Or we have skirts with an access panel that comes out so you can service your motor if ever necessary. The skirts are a piece of matching acrylic that fit to the front of the tub. You can mount them any way you'd like, or you can have them factory installed for a small fee. Please contact us at 1-800-809-9111 for additional details and pricing on our skirt options.

alcove bathtub installation guide

alcove bathtub installation guide

The Undermount Method

      It is possible to undermount many of our models. To undermount a tub means to have the tub opening placed below a covering, usually made of marble or stone. This requires a tub with a completely flat edge. There are many models that we sell that can be undermounted, but it requires special planning before the purchase, as we need to relocate many of the tub's controls. If you are interested in undermounting a whirlpool from Leisure Concepts, or you would like to know which models can be undermounted, please contact our sales specialists at 1-800-809-9111, or email us at

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