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Floating Foam Cover

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

  • $1,375.00
  • Save $1,501

Floating Foam Cover
  • Material: High Density Closed Cell Foam
  • Roll Size: 7 feet wide, 360 feet long, and 1/4 inch thick
What is a floating cover?

      Our floating spa cover material is a high density closed cell foam that will not absorb water. You sell your customer a piece that is 7' wide by whatever length they need. You customer trims the edges to conform to the shape of their spa with normal scissors so it lays flat on the water. It floats edge to edge on a hot tub and is sold on rolls that are 7 feet wide and 360 feet long. It is far superior in heat retention as compared to a solar blanket. Its actually a full 1/4 thick of insulating waterproof foam.

For the Spa Owner
Using a floating cover is smart on so many levels.

  • Easy to Install, trim with scissors
  • Easy to Use
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Electricty
  • Protects Hard Cover

      This floating cover provides a thermal barrier right at the waters surface. This creates a dead air space between the floating cover and the hard cover that acts as another insulating layer increasing the overall efficiency of the spa. The floating cover also keeps the vapor between the two covers to a minimum. By keeping the vapor down the hard cover does not get waterlogged nearly as fast.

     In addition to keeping the heat in, the floating cover also takes the punishment of the chlorine, bromine, pH problems, ozone, and everything else used to keep water clean. Without a floating cover the expensive hard cover takes the brunt of damage.

The use of a floating cover could easily save up to $10.00 a month

For the Spa Dealer
  • This cover system will normally save your customers enough electricity to pay for the cover and still have saved money.
  • Sold in full 360 linear foot rolls.
  • Dealer cost is only $3.82 / linear foot, or $1375.00 for a full roll and for a limited time we're also including delivery to most dealer locations in the continental US.
  • You can retail this material at $7.99 / linear foot or higher. A typical spa will require a 7 piece of foam. (7 x 7) and at $7.99 per foot the customer would pay $55.93. Your cost on that cover would be $26.74. Thats a 52% profit margin and they can only get it from you.
  • Each roll includes about 10 or more extra linear feet that is used to protect the rest of the roll during shipment. Sometimes that extra 10 feet arrives unharmed and can also be sold increasing your profits even more.
  • Selling this material helps keep your customers coming to you and buying other supplies from you too.
  • You sell it by the linear foot and can sell any length to fit any size spa. It takes only a minute to measure and cut the length your customer needs. You can also have a few common lengths cut and rolled up ready to sell. Keep it on the showroom floor and people will buy it.
  • We recommend you include a floating cover with each new spa sold to get them trained to use it and love it. This material will normally last between one and two years depending on the water quality of the spa. When it wears out your customer will come in and buy another one.

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