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Deluxe sauna package, matching sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

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This is the Deluxe sand timer along with the deluxe combination thermometer and hygrometer. A matching set!  The sand timer has a high quality metal insert that matches perfectly with the sauna hygrometer / thermometer.  15 minutes then just spin it around.  It's got a wood back that mounts on the wall with two screws and it's got a pivot point in the center so you can easily flip it over to start the timer again.  It's also got a bright red stripe behind the sand so you can quickly and easily see exactly where you're at.  The high quality German made thermometer / hygrometer also has the metal insert with wood sides.  Accurately see the temperature and the relative humidity.  The "Rule of 200" is when the air temperature added to the relative humidity equals 200, you have an ideal environment in your sauna.

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