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Box of 6 Wellis filter elements for Taurus, Monte Rosa, Libra, Mont Blanc and more!

Manufacturer: LeisureConcepts

  • $239.00
  • Save $151

This box of six (6) Wellis filter elements will fit almost all of the 7 ft and 8-ft models including the Monte Rosa,  Mont Blanc, Taurus, and Libra.

It's 8" tall, 6" in diameter.  These are overall dimensions including the threaded bottom and the little handle on the top.  

These are blue in color because they have the antimicrobial additive to the fabric. Micro plus.  This is the European version of microban.

Want more than one filter?  Save money when you buy two, or how about even more savings when you buy three.  Want to stock up, get them super cheap if you buy six at a time!

Please call 1-800-809-9111 for pricing

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